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What is the difference between a bulkhead and a seawall?

While bulkheads and seawalls both retain soil and help to prevent the erosion of the land behind them, the main difference between these two structures is their ability to provide protection from waves. Although bulkheads can provide minimal protection from waves, this is not their main function. Seawalls are designed to be used on beaches where wave activity is high. Bulkheads are more commonly found in bays, marinas, ports, rivers and lakes.


What is the best material to use for my bulkhead?

There is no right answer to this question. The choice of materials used in bulkhead construction depends entirely on the conditions of the marine environment. Materials used for bulkhead construction include concrete, steel, aluminum, timber and vinyl. We recommend consulting with a licensed engineer before deciding which material will be used for your bulkhead.


How often should I have my bulkhead inspected?

We recommend having your bulkhead inspected every 3 to 5 years. It’s better to inspect and repair your bulkhead now, than to deal with it when it’s too late. Over the long run, the cost of preventative maintenance is much cheaper than the costs to repair a collapsed bulkhead.


Is it better to have my bulkhead repaired or replaced?

Depending on the extent of damage to your bulkhead, it is possible to make simple repairs, thus extending the life of your existing bulkhead and preventing the costly expenses of demolishing and replacing your entire structure.


What are the benefits of having The Castle Group perform both my inspection and repairs?

If you choose to have The Castle Group perform both your inspection and repairs, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the same people who inspected your bulkhead will also be the ones repairing it. The Castle Group is your “one stop shop” for any of your bulkhead needs, as you won’t have to deal with numerous companies and contractors delaying the completion of your project.


Do all bulkhead inspections result in a recommendation for repairs?

At The Castle Group, we believe that even the smallest fault in your bulkhead should be taken seriously. Although faulty sections start small, they only get worse over time. However, if our certified engineers and divers find no damages, we will notify you that no replacements or repairs are necessary at this time.


Does The Castle Group perform any other marine engineering and construction services?

The Castle Group has over 25 years of experience in performing a wide variety of marine engineering and construction services. This includes structural engineering, hydrographic/fathometric surveys, side scan sonar, pier construction, pile jacking repairs, submarine power cable repairs, underwater debris removal, design/build of customized prefabricated bridges and much more! To find out more about The Castle Group, visit us online at